About Me

Kate Eliza artist photo

I have been a painter at heart for most of my life. On a river rafting trip as a teenager, I was introduced to plein air painting with watercolors and have been painting along rivers, on top of mountains and at campsites ever since. Originally from the prairies of Illinois, I came to Colorado to attend Colorado State University, earning degrees in both Painting and Art Education. I am enthralled by the mountains and wide open skies of the West. After teaching art in public schools and summer programs for over a decade, I finally decided to pursue my own artistic dreams full time. 

In 2017, I opened Ruby Mountain Paint Co. where I sell handmade watercolors, sketchbooks, hand rolled pastels and other art supplies to artists worldwide.

Using my own handmade paint, I create watercolor paintings that celebrate the magic of the land and skies of the West.